violins (prices subject to change)

beginning student

Scott Cao STY-150 "Scotty" Outfit  - $375

Scott Cao STV-017E Outfit, 1/4 to 4/4 Sizes - $550

intermediate student

Scott Cao STV-500 Outfit, 1/4 to 4/4 sizes - $750

Scott Cao STV-750E "Cannon", 4/4 Size - $1200

Keith, Clifton, & Curtis 103S Outfit, 4/4 Size (Romania) - $650

advanced student to professional (all 4/4 size)

Scott Cao STV-950 "Cannon" - $2250

Core Select 3200 (China, varnished in US) - REDUCED to $1500

Savannah Strings Artist Series - $2250

Shay Garriock 2017 Strad "Messiah" #2 - SOLD  PHOTOS

Shay Garriock 2017 Guarneri "Cannon" - SOLD PHOTOS

Shay Garriock 2018 Maggini Copy - SOLD

Shay Garriock 2018 Guarneri "Cannon" -  $4000

2018 Polish-made Strad copy, Varnished in Pittsboro - $2000

Vintage Strad Copy #26, Germany - $2200

Vintage Strad Copy #29, Germany - $2500

Vintage Klotz style, 7/8 Size, Germany, $2500

Vintage Guarneri Copy, Germany - SOLD

Vintage Strad Copy, Germany - $1600

Vintage Amati copy, Germany,- $2800

Vintage Strad copy, "Gros-Tone", Germany - SOLD

Vintage Leopold Widhalm copy, labled Ernst Heinrich Roth,1923, Germany - $4500


Scott Cao STA-150 "Scotti" Viola Outfit, 14", 15", 16" - $475

Williams Gengakki Violins 16" Viola, 1997, $3000

Keith, Clifton, & Curtis  32AS 16" Outfit - $1600

Keith, Clifton, & Curtis  R31 16" Outfit (lightly used) - $900

Savannah Strings Conservatory 15.5" - $2200

Savannah Strings Conservatory "Da Salo" - SOLD

Arthur Conner 16", Copper Hill, VA - $2500

Carolina made!

Are you an advancing student in search of factory made Chinese or Romainian violins for sale on the internet? You could own a locally made student violin! Try a violin with great tone and real character,- visit our violin store and play one of the owner's violins. They are built entirely in Pittsboro,NC using traditional hand-carving and varnishing techniques, and with quarter-sawn, premium grade tonewoods from the Bavarian and Italian Alps. Prices are $3000 - $3500.

Instruments / student violins

The Violin & Fiddle Shop carries Andreas Eastman and Scott Cao, among other stringed instrument brands. Also available are North Carolina-made violins crafted by hand in the store's shop. We generally only stock student to semi-professional models. We also keep a few vintage violins and fiddles on hand for the musician who prefers an instrument with aged beauty and sound, antiquity, and character. You should be happy with your instrument, so we offer a 14-day trial period on all of our used and vintage instruments, and we offer a generous TRADE IN policy on several of our models. All of my instrument have been carefully set up and are ready to play.