2015 Hopf copy, made in Pittsboro

Whether you are looking for a student violin to play in the school orchestra, a fiddle to play at your local bluegrass jam, or a new bow and case, we have the instruments and violin accessories to suit your needs but not break your pocket. Owned and operated by active musicians of stringed instruments, we can provide you with personalized, insightful information about our products and help you choose the instrument suited to your needs. We maintain high standards as to the quality of our instruments and accessories, and equally important the quality of service provided to you.

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See photos of two my latest violins made in Pittsboro, 2018 Maggini, 2019 Maggini, and 2018 Guarneri Cannon

The Shop will be closed Mon Aug 3 - Fri Aug 7

The SG Music Co. Violin and Fiddle Shop violin store proudly serves the student violinist as well as the folk and traditional fiddling community.  Athough violin makers,we do not carry fine violins,but rather affordable, quality violins for the beginning to advanced level student violinist or fiddler who is in the early stage of their music career or who are "just testing the water". The Violin and Fiddle shop violin sales range between $350 and $5000
  • Retail sales of orchestral string instruments and their accessories
  • Rentals
  • Lessons in Violin, Piano, Guitar, and more!
  • Repairs and restoration of violins, violas, and cellos
  • Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass Bow rehairing
No job is to big! AND we will not turn your instrument away or tell you its not worth fixing.  Learn more....
The Violin & Fiddle Shop has Moved!  Our new location is just three doors south at street level, 64 Hillsboro St.  At this time I am have returned to normal operations and store hours