We stock bows in a varied range of prices and player levels, both wood and carbon / synthetic construction.  Our bows are our primarily in the $50 to $1000 range and should meet the needs of the beginner to semi-professional musicians.  Most of our bows are for the violin, although have a limited inventory of viola and cello bows.  All of our bows are haired with genuine, premium, unbleached horse hair.  We offer fast and professional bow rehairing for violin, viola, cello, viola da gamba, and bass bows

Century Strings Fiberglass  $60

Century Strings Carbon Fiber $89

Carbon Fiber w. Pernambuco veneer, China - $150

Knoll Pernambuco 305K, nickel, octagonal, German - $700

​​W. Seifert Violin Bow #130, Pernambuco, octagonal, German - $850

Sousa Bows "Classic" Pernambuco, silver mounted, round, Brazil - $950

Sousa Bows "Spicato" Pernambuco, silver mounted, round, Brazil - $585

Sousa Bows "Sonata" Pernambuco, nickel mounted, round, Brazil - $350

J.T. Lamy Violin Bow JTLBV1, Pernambuco, Vuillaume - $800

​J.T. Lamy Violin Bow LBV1, Pernambuco, Silver - $950

J.A. Lamy Violin Bow TBLV2, Pernambuco, Silver - $1200

Francois Mouton Pernambuco, octagonal - $600

FN Voirin a Paris, Pernambuco, round, $1300

Vintage German Pernambuco, round, no stamp - $1500 (VB407)

Albert Nurnberger, Pernamuco, octagonal, silver - $1800

Vintage German "Model Tourte", octagonal, silver - TBD

R. Geipel German, Brazilwood, round, nickel - $350

Musing C2 Carbon Fiber, Germany

CodaBow Prodigy, nickel mounted -  $365

CodaBow Diamond NX, nickel mounted - $455

CodaBow Luma, nickel mounted - $765


Select Brazilwood, fully lined frog, octagonal, Chinese - $70

Carbon fiber, Chinese - $99

Core 600 Series Carbon/Pernambuco  - $185
CodaBow Prodigy - $395
Fine Pernambuco, fully lined frog, octagonal, Chinese - $300
Dorfler Pernambuco, Octagonal, German - $685


Century Strings fiberglass - $70
Core 1085VC Brazilwood, Chinese, 4/4- $75
Core Select Series Braided Carbon Fiber, nickel, Chinese: $199
CodaBow Prodigy - $435
CodaBow Diamond NX, nickel mounted - $545
CodaBow Diamond GX, gold mounted - $1,065

Core 1090VC Pernambuco, Chinese,  4/4 - $199


Friday, March 31st

What factors affect bow quality and price?

 - wood quality and species

 - balance

 - weight

 - stick strength and resilience

 - stick straightness and camber

 - bowing "feel" and  response

 - hair type and quality grade

 - craftsmanship and aesthetic appearance

 - tone produced

 - quality grade and metal type of frog mountings

 - decorative aspects of frog and screw

 - when and where it was made and by whom

 - Age and condition / repair history