Trial periods and returns

Rental Credits

trade-up policy

The Violin & Fiddle Shop offers a rental credit program, and this will allow you to get started without the commitment to buying an instrument. 70% of all rent payments can be applied as credit to the purchase of a new instrument.  Read more...

We offer a generous trade in policy to our returning customers.  If you have purchased an instrument from us we will pay up to 65% of the purchase price as a trade-in when you buy a step up or larger size instrument of equal or greater value.  The new instrument being purchased must also exceed a retail price of $550 for violin, $650 for viola, or $1500 for cello.  The trade in value is based on the condition of the instrument being traded in.

Many of our customers will temporarily borrow instruments to try out before buying. We allow up to 2 instruments to be borrowed simultaneously for up to one week. All that is required is a valid driver's license and credit card information to keep on file until the instrument is returned

We use automatic credit card billing to process monthly rental fees and monthly financing payments. Before a credit card can be setup for automatic billing, the customer is required to sign an authorization form granting our credit card processor permission to proceed with monthly charges. We do not keep credit card information on file, on or off the premises. Credit cards are charged automatically on the sixth day of each month and the cardholder receives a confirmation email detailing the charge each month.


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