The store is owned by Shay Garriock, a resident of Pittsboro, NC and Virginia native.  He started the business in 2008 solely as an internet endeavor, but it soon became apparent that there was enough local interest to support a shop.


Shay began his music training as a percussionist in school concert bands, and then while attending Virgina Tech he became a student of Southwest Virginia old time fiddlers.  He has become a respected old time fiddler in the region and has won numerous awards, most notably in 1998 he won First Place in the Senior Old Time Fiddle category at the Appalachian Stringband Festival at Clifftop WV.  He has given fiddle lessons for 15 years and has taught and performed at workshops for the Augusta Heritage Center, Mars Hill Old Time Week, The Swannanoa Gathering, the MOTBA festival in St. Paul, Hoppin John Fiddler's Convention, Floyd Handmade Music School, Doorigo Old Time Music School, NSW AU, and Sweetbriar College. 

A German "Hopf" copy, completed in February 2014 and sold to 2015 Grammy nominee Alice Gerrard (Best Folk album)

Shay has been doing repairs and restorations since 2008 and began making violins in 2010.  His skills and experience as a woodworker go back  to his many years in school woodworking shop starting in 6th grade and through high school.  His training as a luthier has come form workshops, books, other violin makers, and lots of experimentation. His focus has been to make copies of Italian makers Guarneri and Stradivari, but with a little of his own style thrown in.  His latest violin project is a copy of a beautiful sounding German Hopf style violin from the early 1900s.  He has made over 37 violins and  generally completes 3-4 violins a year.  Prices range from $6000-7000 dollars. 

The Violin & Fiddle Shop is a full service violin shop entirely dedicated to providing orchestral stringed instrument sales, rentals, and services, as well as music lessons to the triangle area. The store caters mostly to the beginning to advanced student violinist and fiddler, and currently our selection of violins ranges in price from $550 to $8000 The shop also has a wide selection of cases, strings, and other accessories for the violin family.Violins for sale violin lessons

The most important things to us are providing quality instruments and services at fair, competitive prices, and at the same time ensuring a welcoming, friendly environment for our customers and visitors. You are welcome at our store whether you are a beginning student or professional; a violinist or fiddler; a  connoisseur of Mozart or a devout fan of Ralph Stanley; owner of Grandpa's broken down factory fiddle or owner of an original Guarneri.

S. Garriock "Messiah"  strad copy, completed 2016

S. Garriock "Hopf" copy, completed January 2017

S. Garriock 5-String,  completed September 2015

S. Garriock "Hopf" copy, completed July 2015


THUR - FRI  JUNE 27 - 28