Our quaint little studio!

Bart views music as a community and family event that, at its best, involves sharing and collective input. Bart actively encourages his students to play music in groups or with ensembles, which not only enhances students’ musical ability but also builds their social skills and self-confidence.  He began providing lessons the Violin & fiddle Shop beginning in March 2013, teaching violin/fiddle, piano,guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and composition. 

To schedule a lesson call 336-380-1787 or visit Facebook pagePittsboromusic.


Bartholomew Urbanski (Bart)

Bart Urbanski is an accomplished teacher and performer on both the piano and violin/fiddle.   Bart has a Bachelors degree in piano performance and choral conducting from the University of Wisconsin in River Falls, and a Masters degree in composition and theory from the University of Oklahoma.  

Bart has been a piano instructor in the Triangle area for over 20 years. He has played an active role coordinating the annual composition competition sponsored by the Cary Area Piano Teachers Association (CAPTA). Bart’s violin and fiddle instruction emphasizes instrumental techniques with a focus on folk music styles.   As a musician and performer, Bart has played in many venues and has produced two CD's of solo piano music that includes both classical compositions and his own compositions. A third CD of his own compositions is forthcoming.